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The Holiness of God

Elder Mike Gowens' 11/3/19 sermon looks at 1 John 1:5: "God is light and in Him is no darkness at all," and moves to an illustration of this important attribute in the narrative of Leviticus 10. After defining "holiness," Gowens proceeds to discuss two appropriate reactions to this feature of the Divine nature, the first from the sheer consideration of the fact that God is unlike anything with which man is familiar, and the second from the vantage point of an understanding of the gospel. This message is part of the "Knowing God" series.

Elder Mike Gowens' 10/27/19 pulpit offering consisted of an exposition of Psalm 61. Learn from David's response to Absalom's revolt the importance of prayer, reflection and hope for the future.

The 10/20/19 sermon by Elder Michael Gowens is message #10 in the ongoing "Knowing God" series. The text for this sermon is Hebrews 6:13-20. Gowens begins by defining the sublime theme, proceeds to establish its legitimacy via several Biblical references, and concludes by applying the implications of this Divine attribute to our lives now. How comforting to know that in a world replete with change and decay, the true and living God changes not!

The Sovereignty of God

Elder Michael Gowens' 10/13/19 sermon looks at the narrative of Nebuchadnezzar's insanity - or better yet, Nebuchadnezzar's theological education - recorded in Daniel 4:28-37, as the premier Biblical description of the sovereignty of God. Gowens defines Divine sovereignty in terms of God's absolute and ultimate authority to do always and only as He pleases. This is message #9 in the ongoing "Knowing God" series of studies.

Love Your Enemies

Elder Mike Gowens' 9/29/19 sermon is taken from Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount, recorded in Matthew 5:43-48. It is a surprising precept in which our Lord reminds His disciples of the higher ethical standard required of them. Instead of responding in kind to mistreatment, Christians are called to love those who oppose them via some form of persecution. What exactly does loving one's enemies entail? How is it possible to attain such a high mark? Elder Gowens answers these questions in the course of this brief message.

The Omnipotence of God

Message #8 in the ongoing sermon series by Michael Gowens on the "Attributes of God" was delivered to the congregation of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church on 9/22/19. Gowens takes his text from Revelation 19:6, proceeding to define Divine omnipotence, then to catalog the many ways that God has showcased his almighty power. He concludes the message by applying this truth to our lives in three important ways.

In this 9/15/19 message, Michael Gowens looks at Song of Solomon 2:8-17, focusing on the Shulamite's deep longing for the day of reunion with her departed King. Until that day - that is, until the dawn of everlasting and uninterrupted communion with her Beloved - she must abide in, as C. S. Lewis put it, "the Shadowlands." After sketching the developing plot in this poetical book, Gowens examines several ways in which the believer currently lives in the shadowlands. Then he gleans from the passage a number of very practical bits of wise counsel for those who must bide here as they wait for the dawn of that eternal day.

On 9/1/19, Michael Gowens brought message #7 in the ongoing study on the attributes of God, using Acts 17:24-27 as the basis of his sermon. He began by defining "omnipresence," then proceeded to discuss three further aspects of the theme--namely, the manifest, the gracious and the immediate presence of God. What comfort there is to be found in the affirmation, "Thou art near, O Lord" (Ps. 119:151a)!

God Only Wise

The 8/25/18 sermon by Elder Michael Gowens is #5 in our ongoing series on the character and attributes of God. Elder Gowens takes his text from Romans 16:27 and proceeds to look at Psalm 139:1-6 in this message on the omniscience of God. The fact that God knows all that there is to know and sees all that there is to see is both a sobering truth, and a truth of solace and comfort. 

The 8/18/19 sermon by Elder Michael Gowens is #4 in the "Knowing God" series of studies. Brother Gowens looks at Jesus' conversation with the Samaritan woman on the subject of true worship, an episode recorded in John 4. In the course of this conversation, the Lord Jesus corrects her inclination to think of worship in purely physical and geographical terms. True worship, according to our Lord, is something spiritual and inward - prioritizing both the heart and the mind of the worshiper - not something material and outward, for the nature and essence of God is spiritual, not material.

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